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Welcome to Extreme Sensations Bungee Club

Extreme Sensations have more than 24 years’ experience in Bungee Jumping and have developed a safe system for commercial Bungee Jumping, with a highly trained crew operating to the B.E.R.S.A Code of Safe Practice. Extreme Sensations Bungee club has been directly involved in the development of equipment and redundancy systems for the safe operation of modern day Bungee.


                                     LATEST NEWS!

New Giant Zip Line weekends from Transporter Bridge.

Ferry Road, Middlesborough. TS2 1PL


Zip line Dates: 

Ferry Road, Middlesbrough TS2 1PL

01642 247563

Jumping Starts 1000 hours please registear on arrival at the Marquee,we jump approx 20 people per hour so once youhave registeared your arrival you will get an idea of the approx jump time.


May - 23rd, 24rd & 25th  

August - 15th & 16th 

October - 24th & 25th 


You can arrive any time between 0900 hours and 1300 hours to register IN THE VISTOR CENTER ON THE MiDDLESBOROUGH SIDE.

Please visit our events page: 


Please go to merchandise Vouchers & Gifts or our events page and chose a Jump venue and style there ar lots more venues to be added,next 10 vouchers will receave a qualtiy free Bungee T shirt designed by there is only one F in Fashion.

Please see our Background Credentials page for more information. (homepage-image.png)

Extreme Sensations Bungee Club operates Mobile Bungee Teams throughout UK and Europe. If you are considering an event of any sort and would like to discuss the idea of Bungee Jumping or Zip line event please Contact us.



Bungee Jumping is not only a sensational experience and a wonderful attraction; it is a fantastic fund raising vehicle. If you are looking to put an event on or wish to find out more how you can use a Bungee Jumping Event to raise money please forward your details to us and one of our team will be in touch to explain how we can tailor a Bungee Jumping event to work for you.

For contact details please see our Contact Us page, or call us direct on:

Tel: +44 (0)1833 627666
+44 (0)7792 460123
Email: info@extremesensationsbungee.co.uk

Brand Promotions & PR Stunts
Charity Fundraising & Events

If you have an idea to raise money for an individual, or National or International Charity, what ever the idea or the size of the event, please contact our team we will be happy to discuss ways of maximising you event for all concerned.

Zipline & other Activites

zGiant Zip Lines are available from cranes, bridges or buildings, up to 150ft high and 1000ft across lakes rivers please cheek our venues list for latest dates.

Fundraising Zip Line Event - If you are interested in having The Zip Line Team at your event you should follow this link to get more details,or contact us direct on +44(0)1833 627666