Infomation & Myths

QUESTION: What do I wear?

ANSWER: Dress for weather conditions


QUESTION: Can I jump?

ANSWER:- If you have any of the following you cannot jump; high blood pressure, heart condition, suffer from dizziness or epilepsy, pregnancy, damage to neck, damage to spine. If you are worried seek a doctor's advice. If in doubt please call us!


QUESTION Can my daughter Bungee Jump, she is 13 years old?

ANSWER: Unfortunately you must be 14 years old and you must have a parent or guardian present if you are between the ages of 14 and 16 years.


MYTH: My eyes could be damaged or I might suffer a detached retina. Bungee jumping will also hurt my back.

WRONG: The Bungee Cord System developed and used by Extreme Sensations over 20 years provides an exciting freefall with a smooth and forgiving deceleration stretching up to four times its length providing thrilling rebounds. There are four different cords four different weight ranges, providing everyone the best jump.


QUESTION: Can I have a drink before I jump?

ANSWER: Yes many people do, however you will be refused to jump if anyway not in control of yourself and you want to be able to remember the experience, so we would recommend an Après Bungee Bevy.


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