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Extreme Sensations Provide Giant Zipline for EA Sports PR Launch

On the week commencing 13/02/2012 Extreme Sensations teamed up with EA sports to Film the PR launch for the new SSX game which is released on the XBOX next week!!

The Event was filmed at the famous location of Battersea Power Station, London, UK. Several bloggers from across Europe were flown into the UK and were blind folded until arriving at the Events Location. Each Blogger was told to expect a 'death defying' experience!!!!!

To see what happened to them take a look this adrenalin packed video!!! http://youtu.be/9VkHBZkM1yg

To read the full article on the event please click the following URL link http://www.bigredbarrel.com/2012/02/ssx-mystery-pre-launch-event/

To see pictures of the event please visit our media gallery (click the following URL link) http://extremesensationsbungee.co.uk/gallery

Mission Impossible

Extreme Sensations Bungee worked on the set of Mission Impossible 1 during a stunt sequence where a TGV train races through a tunnel whilst being chased by Helicopter. We worked with the Stunt Co-ordinators testing the effects with our converted Mobile Free FAll machine over a week long period until the correct effect was achieved, to the satisfaction of the production team for the stunt sequence with Tom Cruise.

Obviously a great deal of care and attention is required to deliver the effects as when required efficiently and safely, our rigging team managed this over 8 weeks period always on site at Pinewood Studios The 007 Broocli Studio  and ready for when filming would commence, working professionally with complex  stunt sequence involving a  large number of Stunt people and Actors.

Watch Video Here.

Stay Lucky

Yorkshire Television YTV and Extreme Sensations were consulted to find a suitable Bridge in Tuscany Italy,that could accommodate  all the Film Crew and all ancillary facilities required for the Bungee Jumping Sequence, Extreme Sensations provide all specialist rigging Purpose Built Bungee Cord for Jump Sequence,Bungee Crew to be part of the Scene Jonny Sims providing Stunt double for Denise Warterman.


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