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Penrith RUFC Family Fun Day & Fundraiser

Penrith RUFC Family Fun Day & Fundraiser

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On 04/08/2012 Penrith RUFC and Extreme Sensations will be joining forces to create a spectacular 

Family Fun Day & Charity Fundraising Event!!

Following the Events success in 2010 Penrith RUFC are once again proud to present 'Penrith RUFC Family Fun Day and Fundraiser'. Penrith RUFC will be teaming up with Extreme Sensations Bungee Club for the 2nd time to create a spectacular Family Fun Day and Charity Fundraising Event.

Entertainment will include; Children's activities, Music, BBQ, Bar and Bungee Jumping!!!


If you would like to raise money for a charity of your choice please do not hesitate to contact a member of our events team to request a sponsorship pack (details below)

Event Details

Saturday 04/08/2012- Bungee Jumping from 10am- 6pm

Penrith RUFC, Penrith, CA11 8RG (see attached map)

Contact Details

Extreme Sensations Office T- 01833 695773 Email-

Bolton Lads & Girls Club Fundraising Day

Bolton Lads & Girls Club Fundraising Bungee Event

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On Saturday 21/07/2012 Bolton Lads & Girls Club will be hosting a fantastic fundraising Bungee Event to raise essential funds for future genertaions at the club!!!


Bolton Lads & Girls Club is biggest youth centre in the UK, welcoming young people aged 8-21 years-old, up to 25 years old for youngsters with disabilities.

Founded in 1889, the 'Bolton Lads Club', was founded by a group of local businessmen who wanted to support young boys working in some of the town’s mills.

Many things have changed over the years, but the Club's dedication to providing young people with a safe place to spend their spare time remains at the heart of what we do.

A registered charity (#1051292), we are based right in the heart of Bolton town centre, open seven days-a-week, 51 weeks-a-year.

The Club aims to help the young people of Bolton become the happy, caring and responsible citizens of tomorrow by providing somewhere to go that’s fit for purpose, something to do that is developmental and challenging and above all someone to talk to who genuinely is interested. We deliver a wide variety of programmes to over 3,000 young people each week ranging from recreational opportunities, performing arts, and a diverse range of sporting activities. We also provide intensive support, guidance and training for some of the town’s most at risk youngsters via mentoring in one-to-one and group sessions.

The Club is committed to providing opportunities that recognise and respect cultural differences and encourage integration, and inclusive activities that enable full participation from all of the town’s communities and young people of all abilities.

The money raised will go towards the core elements of the club to ensure we carry on delivering these much needed services to the young people of Bolton.


To learn more about the amazing work done at 'Bolton Lads & Girls Club' check out the website @

To follow this event on Facebook check out our webpage @

Event Details

Saturday 21/07/2012- Jumping from 10am - 6pm

Bolton Lads & Girls Club, 18 Spa Road, Bolton, BL1 4AG (see attached map)

Contact Details

Laura Jones T- 01204 540137 Email-

North West Air Ambulance Fundraising Bungee Event

North West Air Ambulance Fundraising Bungee Event

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On/09/2012 'The Crown' Pub will be hosting a Fantastic Family Fun Day and Fundraising Bungee Event to raise essential funds for the North West Air Ambulance!!!


The North West Air Ambulance is a charity which has been flying life-saving missions throughout the North West region since 1999.

With two helicopters flying seven days a week, 365 days a year from our bases at Blackpool Airport and City Airport, Manchester, we cover 5,500 square miles and a population of around eight million people. On average the North West Air Ambulance is called out five times a day, rising up to ten in the summer. It costs in excess of £4.2 million per year to maintain both aircraft, but with almost no central government or lottery funding, we rely on the generosity of our supporters.

Because we can avoid problems of distance and congestion, we’re never further than 10 minutes to the nearest hospital in the region, whether flying from the North West’s remote countryside, busy motorways or city centres.

This means that patients involved in major trauma, especially with head or spinal injuries, can receive medical treatment quickly before being transferred to a specialist hospital in record time. By receiving treatment at the scene by highly qualified paramedics using sophisticated equipment and arriving at hospital within the ‘Golden Hour’, the patient’s chances of survival and speed of recovery are dramatically improved.

To learn more about the amazing work done by the North west Air Ambulance please visit there website @

To follow this event on Facebook please check out our Webpage @

Event Details

Sunday 9th September 2012- Jumping from 11am- 5.30pm

The Crown, 3 Devonshire Square, Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, FY3 9BW (see attached map)

The day will include; Children's Activties and Entertainment, Music, Drinks, Hot Food........... and BUNGEE JUMPING!!!!

Contact Details

Jana Omrtovo (Event Organiser)

T- 01253 392681

Bushy's Beer Tent Bungee Event

Bushy's Beer Tent Bungee Event

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From the 31st of July to the 7th of June Bushy's Beer are having a Fantastic Fundraising Bungee Event to raise money for the Joey Dunlop Foundation and Crossroads Care


Charity Info

Joey Dunlop Foundation:

William Joseph Dunlop, OBE, MBE., will long be remembered by bikers world wide and his many friends for his record breaking achievements on the famous Isle of Man TT Mountain circuit. However, many of those people may not be aware that family man Joey was a caring person who undertook a number of lone and dangerous missions to the former Eastern European Countries in a van loaded with gifts and provisions for young children who were being deprived of live's essentials.

Immediately after Joey's death David Cretney M.H.K. and Peter Kneale set up the Joey Dunlop Fund in the Isle of Man. Around the same time the Joey Dunlop Benevolent Fund was opened in Ballymoney by Sammy Graham, Joey's Mechanic, and Ballymoney Mayor, Councilor Bill Kennedy. Both Funds closed at the end of 2000.

A group of ardent Joey fans decided to approach his wife Linda, to seek her agreement to raise funds to construct a facility that would be of benefit to the community and also be a fitting memorial in recognition of the varied achievements of the person affectingly known as 'Yer Maun'. It was during the initial discussions with Linda and Honda's Bob McMillan that it was revealed that Joey would have liked to have constructed a facility to benefit people, especially children, with a disability.
Once this group of admirers had been given the green light by the Dunlop family, fund raising plans were instigated and the Joey Dunlop Foundation, (formerly known as the Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund) was established, initially to raise funds to install a lift in the TT grandstand to make access possible to the main viewing gallery for the disabled. The second undertaking was to provide much needed accommodation for the physically challenged and their families on the Isle of Man.

For more information, see


Crossroads Care was first established on the Isle of Man in 1988 and as we approach our 25th birthday the organisation has grown and expanded its services to meet the needs of our local carers. The organisation become a network members of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers in 2004 and opened the island’s only Carers’ Centre in Derby Square.

As a charity the organisation relies on donations and fundraising to provide over 70% of its projects with the rest being grant funded.

Crossroads Care is the leading provider of practical and emotional support for carers living on the Isle of Man. Our service is about giving time, improving the lives of carers by giving them time to be themselves and have a break from caring.

We will strive to:

  • improve social well-being of carers and their families
  • deliver an increasing number of care hours to local carers, their families and the people they care for each year
  • increase total scheme income by diversifying the funding mix
  • provide the highest quality service for carers and their families
  • raise the profile of Crossroads Care and the needs of local carers and people with care needs
  • work in partnership with local and national organisations in implementing and developing new and innovative services which support the carers on the Isle of Man
  • develop appropriate services accessible to the whole community and be committed to responding to the diversity of needs presented and developing appropriate quality services
  • ensure our services are accessed by and meet the need of hard to reach carers.

Crossroads is the only on island service provide whose main focus is on the carer and as an organisation we provide care to all carers and individuals with care needs, no matter what their disability or illness, or age.

For more information, see

We are also open to other Charity Partners for this event, so if you want to raise money for another charity of your choice let us know and we will try to arrange it.


Event Details

From Friday 31st of May to Friday 7th of June / Jumping from 10am to 4pm


Contact Details


Marie Curie Cancer Care Event

Marie Curie Cancer Care Bungee Event

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On Sunday 28th of April 6 Acres Pub are having a Fantastic Fundraising Bungee Event to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care


Charity Information

The story begins in 1948, the same year the National Health Service was launched.

Not long before the Hampstead-based Marie Curie Hospital was transfered to the NHS, a group of committee members from the hospital decided to preserve the name of Marie Curie in the charitable medical field.

This was the beginning of the Marie Curie Memorial Foundation − a charity dedicated to alleviating suffering from cancer today − today known as Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Following the donation of an engagement ring to help raise funds for the charity, the very first appeal was launched and brought in a substantial £4,000. By 1950 the ongoing appeal had raised a staggering £30,000 and two years later the Marie Curie Memorial Foundation officially became a charity - number 207994.

An extensive nationwide survey was undertaken to help identify medical, nursing and research needs in relation to cancer. The results formed the basis of the work of the Foundation and, largely, still do today.

The charity dedicated itself to:

  • providing specialist homes for the care of cancer patients
  • providing nursing for patients at home
  • educating the public on the symptoms and treatment of cancer
  • providing urgent welfare needs

At the time these ideas were quite revolutionary and the Marie Curie Memorial Foundation quickly established itself as a leader in the field of improving facilities for cancer patients.

 Today Marie Curie Cancer Care:


  • is dedicated to providing more and better care for patients and their families through the Marie Curie nursing service and its nine hospices..
  • is committed to carrying out the research and innovation. necessary to find out what the best possible care is and how best to provide it.
  • will ensure measures are in place to give people the choice of place their end of life care and death through The Marie Curie Delivering Choice Programme.
  • is determined that the needs of the dying remain on the political agenda and will continue to campaign for patients to be able to die in their own homes in all four countries of the UK through its policy and public affairs work..


Much has changed since the pioneering days of 1948 but our core values have remained constant – putting patients and families first.

 For more info, visit

Event Details

On Sunday 28th  April/ Jumping from 11am to 4pm.

6 Acres Pub, 119 Westgate Hill Street, Drighilington, BD4 0SF (see attached map)

Contact Details

Leanne Nunney


Mark Burrows Appeal Charity Fundraising Event

Mark Burrows Appeal Charity Fundraising Event


On Saturday 3rd August the Mark Burrows Appeal are holding a Fantastic Fundraising Event

Charity Info

In March 2012, Mark Burrows was a healthy and football loving 35 year who went on a night out with friends. Through an unprovoked attacked Mark was struck single blow to the head and his head struck the pavement where he fell. His life was instantly transformed as Mark was left suffering a severe brain injury.

The months immediately following the incident was both a frightening and confusing time for Mark and he’s family with several operations needed to keep Mark alive. One year on from this tragic incident, Mark with is still in hospital and receiving on-going treatment for he’s brain injuries.

The tragic incident has transformed the lives of not only Mark but that of this entire family. Marks family provide daily help and support for he’s physical and mental needs. Their aim now is bring Mark home and care for him at home. To do so they need to need to find funding the make necessary adaptions to their home. Help is needed in raising the money to fund this work.

Please donate to support this appeal - Thank You

Event Details

Jumping on Saturday 3rd August / From 11am to 4pm

Owl Kess Pub, Victoria Road, Plat Bridge, Wigan, WN2 5BJ

Contact Details

John Spillane



Turf Tavern, Great North Air Ambulance

Great North Air Ambulance Fundraising Day

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On Saturday 12th of October Turf Tavern are holding a Fantastic Fundraising Event for the Great North Air Ambulance Day

Charity Info

The charity’s roots go back to 1991, when the Great North Air Ambulance Service Appeal was launched with the aim of providing the North East of England’s first helicopter air ambulance. It took four years to raise enough money to bring this dream to fruition. This was allowed to happen thanks largely to the support of the Barbour Family Trust, which donated £720,000 over eight years. The first aircraft was bought, and in line with the original plans, the helicopter was the immediately donated to the Northumbria Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

The first helicopter had running costs of £360,000 every year. Unfortunately, donations from the public were not enough to cover this sum, so the decision was taken for the NHS Trust to absorb the costs, with public donations being reserved for the eventual replacement of the aircraft. But it became increasingly apparent that the arrangement was not a sustainable one, and that alternative plans would have to be made if the service were to survive. Spiralling maintenance costs and the relatively low level of public donations were major causes for concern, as was new European law which would render the helicopter obsolete by 2006 at the latest. The money was not there to replace the existing aircraft; it was barely in place to keep it flying.

In 1999 came the first murmurings of a plan that would eventually lead to the saviour of the Great North Air Ambulance Service. Discussions were held to examine the possibility of the charity totally funding the air ambulance operations. For this to work, it would have to raise its fundraising to levels never previously envisaged. To make matters more difficult, the charity had no structure, no staff, and was not well known outside of Northumberland. The challenge was enormous, but the seeds of ambition had been planted.

Since the funding crisis of 2004/05, the charity has not looked back. The service has continued to expand and in 2010 the decision was taken to buy three helicopters in order to ease the financial strain of leasing the aircraft. In March 2010, a deposit was placed on the Guardian of the North helicopter, which arrived in the North-East after undergoing a refit. It was followed in 2011 by the new Pride of Cumbria aircraft, which was stationed at Langwathby, near Penrith. Later the same year, a third helicopter – as yet unnamed – was secured and went to work across the two bases.

Now the work begins on securing the future of these three aircraft and their crew. Although great strides have been taken to safeguard to service, past experience has taught the charity never to take the support of the public for granted. It takes £4m a year to pay for the missions. This is a huge task, but the Great North Air Ambulance Service has never been known to balk at a challenge, and it is unlikely to start now.

Event Details

Jumping on Saturday 12th of October / From 11am to 4pm

Newmarket Rd, Carlisle, Cumbria CA1 1JG

Contact Details

Tel: 01228 515367

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