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Zip Line or Zip Slides 

Red sky zipline tower (stream_img.jpg)

Zip Line is an exciting ride where your decent is aided by gravity down the length of steel cable. Riders travel on a specialised trolly pulley that runs at speed, seated in a Sit Chest harness. The Zip Line can be as long as 1000 ft, dropping nearly 150 ft; slowing safely to arrive on our landing deck. Upon completion you will be met by two instructors to assist you after your adrenaline busting Zip Line!

3 zippers walking the bridge (10956216_895767513778269_8421363505033731363_n.jpg)

zip in the sky (Optimized-10606248_888996251122062_852752061398353441_n.jpg)

superman zipliner (stream_img-3.jpg)

zip guy landing (Optimized-10830848_895767133778307_5733963620228269238_o.jpg)

Extreme Sensations Provide Giant Zipline for EA Sports PR Launch

On the week commencing 13/02/2012 Extreme Sensations teamed up with EA sports to Film the PR launch for the new SSX game which is released on the XBOX next week!!

The Event was filmed at the famous location of Battersea Power Station, London, UK. Several bloggers from across Europe were flown into the UK and were blind folded until arriving at the Events Location. Each Blogger was told to expect a 'death defying' experience!!!!!

To see what happened to them take a look this adrenalin packed video!!! http://youtu.be/9VkHBZkM1yg

To read the full article on the event please click the following URL link http://www.bigredbarrel.com/2012/02/ssx-mystery-pre-launch-event/

To see pictures of the event please visit our media gallery (click the following URL link) http://extremesensationsbungee.co.uk/gallery

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Extreme Sensations are proud to have a 100% safety record. All operations adhere to the B.E.R.S.A safe code of practice and each operation is backed up by Redundancy. Extreme Sensations utilise the same principles for Zip ine that are used in our Bungee Jumping operations in the UK; Redundancy and Competence.


The fundamental safety principal is our code of safe pract ice; Redundancy. Failure of a component in a system can cause a dangerous situation. Primary components are backed up by the instillation of a second similar component in parallel with the first. Upon failure of the first component, the second component takes over and danger is averted.


All Extreme Sensations crew are highly trained and have the necessary knowledge and competence to perform the tasks and responsibilities set out by individual client requirements. Our staff are uniquely qualified to provide a professional yet fun experience for our clients.

Zip Line Operation

To see and example of a Zip Live event in operation follow URL You Tube Link http://youtu.be/0jZ2X1W4fgg

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