Have a Double Adrenaline Shot of our 175ft Bungee Jump. This is a great deal for those adrenaline seekers who know one buzz is never enough, and want to try out Front & Back Jump styles. You will have twice the thrill while you show off your dare devil skills by facing forward for one Jump, then facing backwards for you next.

Your Bungee Jump Schedule.

Be sure to arrive on site for registration 1 hour before your booked Jump time. You will be asked to sign a Health & Awareness Declaration, get weighed in, given a safety briefing and then our Crew will fit you with chest & ankle harnesses. 

You will then step onboard the Bungee Cage and the crane will hoist you up 175ft. Your Jump Master will talk you through your Jump routine, and encourage you should you have any last minute nerves. The cage door will open and its, 3...2...1...BUNGEE!!!


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