IMARA Charity Bungee Fundraiser - Elwes Arms Nothingham

On Monday 25th May 2015, IMARA Trama Care are holding a Charity Bungee Fundraiser at:

The Elwes Arms, Oakdale Road, Carlton, Notingham NG4 1DH.

This fun event is held to raise money for a fantastic and much needed cause, your particaption is greatly appreciated.

IMARA is an early intervention service for children and families in Nottinghamshire, following a disclosure of sexual abuse. The core focus of our work is to facilitate recovery from child sexual abuse. As there is an absence of statutory early intervention, IMARA works with families from the point of disclosure to the Police. IMARA provides support through the criminal justice process; provides strategies to cope with acute trauma symptoms (e.g. sleep disturbance, flashbacks, and anxiety), normalises children's experience and helps them regain their normal family relationships and ability to cope day-to-day. Our service highlights the on-going disruption to families' emotional wellbeing and physical health, and the practical impacts upon housing, employment and education and aims to minimise the effects on the individuals involved, empowering them to recover and reclaim their futures. IMARA facilitates engagement with other services and refers individuals for on-going pre-trial therapy and counselling. IMARA’s service provides support to families affected by child abuse regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, language and physical ability. We set a lower age limit of 4-5 years when children are deemed capable of completing a video interview, but work with families where younger siblings benefit from parents improved capacity.

• £10.00 will allow IMARA Trauma Care Workers to travel 25 miles to see clients who need home visits

• £50.00 will allow a full day of visits for a Trauma Care Worker 

• £100.00 provides a therapeutic assessment to a victim to reduce their acute stress symptoms

IMARA are a unique service, being the only one of its kind in Nottingham. Should this service cease to exist, many families and young people would be left without support.

As we are solely reliant on grant funding, fundraising events are crucial to the continuation of IMARA.

For more information please visit our website:

Contact Anna Scamans on 07873546597 or Rebecca Webster at The Elwes Arms on 0115 9871280

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