Newcastle Upon Tyne - HMS Calliope - 175 ft Bungee

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with our exciting 175ft Bungee Jump over the River Tyne at HMS Callopie in Newcastle.

Our Bungee Crane cage will hoist you up 175ft above the River Tyne, take in the amazing views of Newcastle City, take a deep breath, then 3....2....1....BUNGEE!!!!  You will jump directly over the river which is a double adrenaline rush and not for the faint hearted!

First jump costs £65 per person. 

Repeat jumps will be charged at £50 each.

Discounts given for groups of 10 or more people. 

Why not make your Bungee Jump an opertunity to raise money for you favorite charity/cause through sponcership? See details on our website, or contact us for ideas and info on fundraising with Extreme Sensations Bungee. We are open to all Charties, Fundraisers and the General Public.

It is highly recommended that you pre-register your Bungee Jump.

Book and pay today by contacting a member of our Events team on: 

Tel: 01325 374539  or  Email:

Walk-in bookings can be taken on the event day, however space can't be guaranteed.

JUMP START TIME: 10.30am running to 3pm.

We operate on a first come first served basis throughout the day.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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