Wadsley Bridge Working Men's Club Bungee Jump

Wadsley Bridge Working Men's Club Bungee Jump

lillie mansell

On Sunday 16th of June Wadsley Bridge Working Men's Club are having a Fantastic Fundraising Bungee Event to raise money for Lillie Mansell, whos wish is it is to walk

Charity Information

We are organising a family fun day with sponsored bungee jumping on Sunday 16th June in aid of Lillie Mansell, who's wish it is to walk. Lillie is a 2 year old little girl from Sheffield that has cerebral palsy, Lillie's parents are trying raising £50,000 so that Lillie can have an operation in the states that could possibly make her walk. Bungee jumps are to be pre-booked at £50 each, however if you raise over £100 in sponsor money you will get your jump fee of £50 back. The bungee crane will be 125 foot high. Tandem jumps are available, so if you a little scared of going down on your own grab your mate and do it together. Please help spread the word and lets help gorgeous Lillie walk!!

Please join our Facebook group to keep up to date with progress: www.facebook.com/groups/lilliesbungeeejump/

To know more about Lillie and what her parents are doing take a look on Lillie's page: www.facebook.com/pages/Lillies-Wish-To-Walk/472821782742536?fref=ts

Event Details

On Sunday 16th of June / Jumping from 11:00am to 4:00pm

Wadsley Bridge Working Men's Club, The Grange, Halifax Rd, Sheffield, S6 1LB

Contact Details

Natalie Doherty

Tel: 07772433686


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