Mark Burrows Appeal Charity Fundraising Event

Mark Burrows Appeal Charity Fundraising Event


On Saturday 3rd August the Mark Burrows Appeal are holding a Fantastic Fundraising Event

Charity Info

In March 2012, Mark Burrows was a healthy and football loving 35 year who went on a night out with friends. Through an unprovoked attacked Mark was struck single blow to the head and his head struck the pavement where he fell. His life was instantly transformed as Mark was left suffering a severe brain injury.

The months immediately following the incident was both a frightening and confusing time for Mark and he’s family with several operations needed to keep Mark alive. One year on from this tragic incident, Mark with is still in hospital and receiving on-going treatment for he’s brain injuries.

The tragic incident has transformed the lives of not only Mark but that of this entire family. Marks family provide daily help and support for he’s physical and mental needs. Their aim now is bring Mark home and care for him at home. To do so they need to need to find funding the make necessary adaptions to their home. Help is needed in raising the money to fund this work.

Please donate to support this appeal - Thank You

Event Details

Jumping on Saturday 3rd August / From 11am to 4pm

Owl Kess Pub, Victoria Road, Plat Bridge, Wigan, WN2 5BJ

Contact Details

John Spillane



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