The Bungee Experience

Our highly trained Crew are adept in making each and every Bungee Jump safe, thrilling and a lot of fun.

Participants will register at our on-site office and be guided through the health and safety aspects of Bungee Jumping. A declaration of health and awareness will be signed, followed by each Jumper being twice weighed and then fitted with a chest & ankle harness . Strict safety checks are then executed on all harness fittings and carabiners before our qualified Jump Master accompanies each participant, one at a time, up in the Crane Cage to the jump point. Your Jump Master can answer any questions you may have and help you ease any last minute nerves. When you’re ready the cage door will open then it’s,


100% Natural High

Your Bungee Jump will give you an exhilarating rush like no other, your adrenaline will pump and your heart will pound as you freefall through the sky.

There are different fun styles of Bungee Jumps you can choose from our Jump Menu:-




When the rope reaches it first full streach you will experience your first rebound rush, this will catapult you back upwards. The thrill at this point is the unknown twists and turns you will experience as you glide through the air. You’ll then go down again into another full streach then rebound back up and down until the rope comes to its full resting stretch.

Our rope systems are specially designed to streach up to 4X the length which provides a very smooth deceleration for each individual Jumpers weight range and the Jump height.

Options for Bungee Jumping Events

Option 1:

We require 50 pre-registered jumpers at £65 per jump, for each day of Jumping.

Pre-registered jumps mean either the Bungee Jumper has paid £30 deposit and filled in a application form and returned it to Extreme Sensations, or paid in full on line on our web site:

The event organizer and/or Charity Fundraiser are responsible for promoting and pre-registering of Jumpers prior to the event.

Provided the required number of Bungee Jumpers is reached there is no fee to pay to Extreme Sensations. The idea being if we get at least 50 confirmed Jumpers per day we know a level of promotion has been reached, each of those individuals Jumping would have been around friends, family and work colleagues to get sponsorship. We would expect Jumpers to bring a few supporters on the event day, who may then pay to jump. Under this booking option we retain all Jumper revenue.

Extreme Sensations retain all Jump Revenues including walk on Jumpers.

The Charities or Fundraising appeal keep all revenue/sponsorship funding raised above the £65 Jump fee. We will provide a table and chair in our reception area for a representative from the charity to facilitate the checking of all participants’ sponsorship.

To give an example of what funding can be reached, we have found the average and realistic sponsorship a Jumper can easily achieve is £150. If 100 jumpers register to partake at £65 per Jump, the remaining funds raised for the Charity would be £8,500. Please request a sample charity pack, or call us so we can help you maximize your fundraising event.

The event organizer retains all the jump revenue and decides what they want to charge.

Option 2

You book our Bungee Jumping operation for a set fee of £3,600 per day.

We deliver the Bungee Jumping for 5 hours, with the capacity up to jump 20 people per hour, 100 per day, provide you have jumpers available from start time.

It is up to the Hirer to charge their Bungee Jumpers as they see fit, as the Hirer will retain all revenue from Bungee Jumps and Sponsorship up to 100 Jumps

As an example, if you were to charge jumps at going rate of £65 per jump, and registered 100 paying jumpers, the revenue would be £6,500. This option would raise £2,900 above the cost of hiring us, and you would then have your additional sponsor monies raised on top, if it was to be run as fundraising event.

* Depending on location we would need to consider overnight accommodation if our crew are not able to travel to and from the event in one day.

Super Bungee Option

We can deliver Bungee Jumps of greater height up to 330 ft. This involves a much larger crane so it is important to have a site visit.

Option 1: Requires 100 pre-booked jumpers at £70 per Jump.

Option 2: Requires a set fee of £8,000. The event organizer retains all the jump revenue and decides what they want to charge.

For your Bungee Event we provide the following:

  • Site meeting to confirm details
  • Site plan for crane access and Jump Zone
  • Mobile Crane and Driver
  • All Bungee Equipment
  • Fully Qualified Crew
  • Reception Tent
  • First Aid Box
  • PA and Optional D.J.
  • Full public and cross liability insurance all risks with Zurich
  • Plant Hired-in Insurance
  • Sample Charity Fundraiser Pack
  • Inclusion of event page on our Web site for people to sign up.
  • An unforgettable adrenaline experience.