Extreme Sensations Zip Line Events

Zip lines are a fun and exciting activity for all age groups. Lines can be rigged from Cranes, Bridges, Buildings and natural topography features such as Cliffs.

Because all Zip lines rigs are different we require a site visit to confirm rigging and to properly assess the logistics and cost of delivering the Zip Line to a clients requirements.

Please call our office to check feasibility, and site inspection.

What We Provide for a Zip Line Event:

  • Site visits as and when required
  • Assistance in finding a suitable location
  • Detailed and site specific Risk Assessment once event is confirmed
  • Eight hours Zip Line activity (we should be able to Zip up to 160 people in a day)
  • Public liability and cross contractual indemnity
  • All equipment and back up redundancy gear to provide safe Zip Line.
  • Certified Crane and driver (if Zip Line is not from Bridge or Structure)
  • Qualified Crew to carry out a safe and smooth operation
  • Fencing for launch and landing area
  • Reception Tent for use by both fundraiser and registration crew
  • Advertising on our Web site
  • DJ and PA System.

Zip Line Costings and Options

Zip lines can be delivered at a agreed cost per day depending on the event logistics and rigging requirements, a site visit would be necessary to get an accurate costing to deliver each Zip Line.

Zip Lines can be rigged from building, bridges, cranes and natural topography.

Option 1

A set fee will be agreed after a site visit to assess feasibility and costing.

Event Hirer retains all revenue from Zip liners whether pre-paid or turn up on the day.

It is the Event Organizers decision what to charge participants.

We will operate for eight hours including staff breaks, during which period of time we can process 160 Zip Liners.

We will be more than happy to assist you with any Fundraising ideas you may have for your Zip Line.